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The story so far…

We are a small team based out of Chiswick in West London and it’s fair to say that we all love TV and movies. We also love technology that makes our lives easier. So we love what Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + etc bring to the table…but what we don’t like the problems they also bring.

They don’t actually help you find the right show or movie for you in that moment. Or as we see it stories, and stories are important to us. Stories shape our lives. Without them we would know nothing of the people before us and we will not be remembered by those after us. Without great stories we become nothing. We build our lives through the stories that find us and the way we share them. Ultimately, stories define us – that’s why finding the right ones is important.

Share more shows with BOB

For starters, Netflix only shows you what Netflix has, Amazon Prime Video only shows you what is on Prime and so on. Secondly what we want to watch will vary daily, if not hourly. Sometimes we might want to plunge into a heavy boxset, other times we might want to re-watch our favourite comedy series. We might even just want something on in the background while we scroll on our phones. Again these great platforms, just don’t actually help us. Finally we can’t stand it when we meet up with a group of friends who are all into a new series that, for some reason you’ve missed out on. Now you can always put your hands over your ears and shout ‘No spoilers! No spoilers!’ but that is only sustainable for so long (or at least as long as your friends will tolerate it).

Which is why we are developing a solution to all these issues, in the shape of BOB. We want BOB to be your go-to app to assist you in finding what it is you want to watch. Whether that’s because you know the title, but don’t know where it is. See what options available to you, according to what’s going on around you. Or to keep up to date with what what’s hot (and what’s not) with your friends.

Finally, we base all our results on how real users interact within BOB. As much as we love technology we know that we are not quite there yet with AI-based recommendations. An example that we often come back to is if you watch a Bond movie and the algorithm on Netflix will suggest Johnny English. There is logic there, they are both British spy films (of course Johnny English is a spoof of Bond) but in truth they are worlds apart. Also the algorithm does not take into account your own reasons for watching the Bond film, all it knows is that you have watched it. Also it has no understanding of whether you enjoyed the movie, or even what elements in particular you enjoyed. Moreover each platform’s algorithm is also adjusted to their own agenda, usually promoting their most recent series, which can be helpful but largely is a distraction from easily getting you to the show or movie you are after

With BOB if you are making a broad search (eg comedy series on Amazon Prime) the results will come back ranked by how the community liked something. Making it totally independent and authentic. Because of this we believe it will not only help you find what you need quicker, but also help you discover more than a few hidden gems too.

So there you have it, this is our ‘mission statement’, our manifesto. Ultimately we want everyone to get the most out of their subscriptions and to get the best viewing experiences.

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