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The Most Talked About TV Shows Of The New Year

It has been the longest January on record, coming in at approximately 659 days at last count. Luckily we live in an age with endless film and tv choices to see us through the winter months! Here are some you’ll probably have heard about, and will almost certainly want to watch. Happy Viewing!


Hands up who else has been waiting for a show about cannibalism… just me? Oh ok then. To be honest though, what’s more brilliant about this show is the cast of badASS women such as Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricca and Melanie Lynskey. All of them proof positive that middle-age does not have to equal boring – how long did it take to work that one out, world?!  Expect irreverent women, trauma and LOTS of blood. My idea of a good time. 


This one popped up right at the back end of last year, with a strong ensemble cast including Michael Keaton, Kaitlin Dever, Peter Sarsgaard and Rosario Dawson. It pulls no punches, taking on the real-life horror of the opioid crisis in America – but of course, the truly shocking part is how a big pharmaceutical company lied its way into billions of dollars, at the cost of human lives. It is stunningly shot, edited, aced, written and directed – a MUST watch. Not for the faint of heart, but then – modern living ain’t either!

And Just Like That 

Love it or hate it, you can not deny the cultural reach of the artist formerly known as Sex and the City. Personally, I still miss Samantha like crazy, but then its VERY clear they do too. The women are in their 50s now and trying really hard not to be irrelevant in a world that is changing at a rate that is making their heads spin. There’s still lots of sex chat and some seriously enviable fashion – did anyone spot that Tom Ford Suit Carrie wore to the picnic? Wow!

The Gilded Age

So this one has only just arrived on HBO Max but I feel like it’s been on my radar for about a year. Julian Fellowes has not been sitting back since Downton, oh no. This is his new offering, with sumptuous costumes and an array of stars – Carrie Coon and Christine Baranski head up the cast. It tells the story of a gal from a small town trying to fit in, in high society. I can think of no reason not to watch this. 

Dexter: New Blood

If you fell in the love with TV’s most likeable psychopath when he appeared on our screens way back in 2006, then you’ll know why this is a biggie. Michael C Hall proves to us time and time again that just because a character is a monster doesn’t mean they can’t be relatable, LOL. Jokes aside, Dexter is just a great show. 


Created by Sam Levinson, son of legendary filmmaker Barry, this proves that nepotism can actually result in some pretty exceptional work. A show which broke boundaries won awards and shocked all of us fuddy-duddies who thought that teenagers were still behaving the way we did back in the 90s. They are not. Zendaya shines in this hard-hitting and now iconic drama. 

The Most Talked About TV Shows Of The New Year

So there you have it the most talked about TV shows of the New Year. Nothing to complain about when your viewing choices look like this. If there’s something you want to shout about, give us an email at and remember to visit our app to see the latest titles that have dropped across all streaming platforms.

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