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The Most Iconic TV Couples of All Time

Are you scratching your head trying to figure out who are the most iconic TV couples of all time? This is the kind of subject that comes up at family quiz time or when having a drink with friends. While the question is simple you’ll find a whole lot of different opinions.

So, let us take you on a trip down memory lane with some of our favourite TV couples and see if that confirms or changes your mind as to who your favourite is….or have we missed some from our list?

Monica and Chandler: Friends

Iconic TV Couples - Still from TV show
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It’s a beautiful thing to see these two fall deeply in love. As well as plenty of laughs as they to keep their romance a secret from their friends. 

One moment that sticks in the memory is when Chandler gets down on his knee to propose to Monica. After this proposal doesn’t work out for him, he ends up making a bet at a Las Vegas casino in order to try to make her his wife. During the course of this long-lived sitcom, the ebb and flow of Chandler and Monica’s relationship became a huge fan talking point. 

Doug and Carrie: King of Queens

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Doug and Carrie are simply the mostadorable married couple. They love nothing more than hanging out together at home.

One of the most enjoyable things about this sitcom is the brilliant and humorous banter between these two while they navigate the complexities of being married. Carrie always has her eye on the next thing, while Doug tries to keep things just as they are. This diametrically opposite set of views always will bring out the humour and it is extra special as they are such lovely characters.

Jon and Ygritte: Game of Thrones

A sub-plot in the Game of Thrones TV juggernaut, the dynamic between this couple is one of the few ‘love’ stories in the series. Bizarrely, they first become attracted during a gory battle in which are on opposing sides, still, something to tell the Grandkids, eh? Even though Ygritte almost kills Jon in an axe fight, they eventually fall passionately in love. They fight fiercely and love fiercely. Jon Snow could do no wrong, of course, and fans adored the romantic interplay between these two battle-hardened characters.

Claire and Phil: Modern Family

Even though these two might seem like they are a dysfunctional couple, they end up being a perfect match. Phil is one of the best comic characters in recent years and Claire is the perfect foil in being intense, motherly (with a weakness for wine). They are both ever so likeable.

Zack and Kelly: Saved by the Bell

The teen afterschool television show is a classic for all those who grew up in the 90s. Zack and Kelly are two of the show’s main characters and are two of the coolest students at Bayside High. 

Unlike many television romances, by the end of the series Zack and Kelly end up staying together when they get married in Las Vegas. 

Aria and Ezra: Pretty Little Liars

For this beloved couple, their love blossomed the first time that they saw each other. The problem is that Ezra is Aria’s high school English teacher, so a bit awkward to say the least. Certainly not your typical couple, or story portrayed on TV we see them navigate these tricky waters. A really compelling show with this great couple at its core.

Brenda and Dylan: Beverly Hills 90210

Dylan is a wealthy bad boy who also has a soft heart. Brenda is an innocent girl from the midwest who fancies herself as a bit of a rebel too. This was perhaps THE TV love story of the ’90s, with the actors Shannon Doherty and Luke Perry becoming household names

Jim and Pam: The Office

The development of Jim and Pam’s relationship is one of the (many) enduring aspects of The Office. Many viewers feel that Jim and Pam are much more likeable in this series during the times when they are just friends. Jim is played by John Krasinski, who is one of the hottest men on TV. On the television show, there is always sexual tension between Pam and Jim until they eventually get together. 

Once they’re a couple, they share many important moments together such as a wedding and having a child.  

Sookie and Bill: True Blood

This is one of the most unconventional couples on our list. True blood is part of the Twilight-esque supernatural vampire genre, which means that viewers aren’t surprised when vampires like Bill and a telepathic waitress like Sookie fall in love. This is one of the few couples on our list who are actually together in real life. 

Shawn and Angela: Boy Meets World

The first date between Shawn and Angela happens on Valentine’s day, which sets the tone for the rest of their relationship. Even though they share a deep love for quite some time, they eventually choose to go their separate ways in life. Thankfully they do decide to stay friends.

Winnie and Kevin: The Wonder Years

Winnie and Kevin’s enduring on/off relationship is probably the main story arc in this coming of age sitcom. Featuring Kevin’s voice-over narration while he reflects back on his youth from adulthood, this is a full-on nostalgia fest. Fun fact When the show ran (1988 – 1993) each season was exactly 20 years before airing. Not so fun fact, The Wonder Years ended 29 years ago….

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