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July 2022 Best Streaming Picks – BOB Streaming Club

Streaming picks for July 2022 has a distinctive retro (or ‘heritage’) spin on the titles available. We’ve also brought two new platforms in this month (Paramount+ and Peacock Premium) and a return to Netflix, we think there’s something for all our BOB Streaming Club members. So without further ado…


When we said retro we really meant it. This month sees the 318th episode of South Park and it is a special: The Streaming Wars taking a satirical swipe at the streaming industry although under the veil of it being all about water supply. Initially Randy and Steve can supply water to South Park…but upon seeing how well they are doing this, everyone else starts buying land near them to do their own streaming.

In a similar satirical vein we have Beavis and Butthead Do The Universe. Returning to our screens for the first time in 11 years, we see the gruesome twosome catapulted across space and time after getting sucked into a black hole. Of course there are the cruder gags, but the supposedly more enlightened times of 2022 really gets a well deserved dose of scorn.  

July should see the release of Top Gun: Maverick though a date is yet to be confirmed…Given the gap between the two films and an initial reluctance (albeit in 1990) of Cruise to do a sequel, this had all the ingredients to be a disaster. However this is a superb follow up; modernizing the ‘Top Gun’ concept, but with all the thrills and spills of the original blockbuster. UPDATE looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to see it through streaming.

The Offer is a mini-series around the making of The Godfather. With Miles Teller (who is also in Top Gun: Maverick) as Albert S. Ruddy a producer trying to get the film made. Given the negative reaction from the Italian-American community towards the original novel. The interests this draws from the Colombo family and pressures from the studio, shows what a huge undertaking getting this film to screen was. A truly fascinating series.

More heritage? OK then Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a reimagining of the very first crew of the USS Enterprise  captained by…Christopher Pike, the original captain. There is something charming about going all the way back to the very beginning, especially for anyone who has lost their way with the Star Trek Franchise (and its myriad of extensions). All episodes from July 7th.

Or you if you’d rather get fierce and watch the wigs fly Season 7 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars is just the ticket. All episodes from July 29th.
Finally, for a big dose of ‘heritage’ slapstick, Jackass Forever (which was released earlier this year) is also available.


July sees us bid farewell to two series set firmly in the past. Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders.
Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 will conclude with 2 feature-length episodes, will the horrors of The Upside Down finally be thwarted or will the gang find themselves outmanoeuvred (and outnumbered?). Volume 1 also brought back a resurgence for Kate Bush, we’re hoping that Volume 2 does the same for Tom Tom Club, but in hope more than expectation. Available 1st July.

Peaky Blinders has a unique way of looking at British history during the interwar years. As Tommy Shelby and his gang assert and build their power, they encounter several other groups also looking to exert their influence. With a really impressive cast (and cameos) this is a cut above a typical gangster series.

Other returning seasons on Netflix give a very eclectic offering. Who Killed Sara (S3) is a mystery thriller where Álex Guzmán has found himself imprisoned for 18 years following the murder of his sister Sara, a murder he didn’t commit. Naturally he wants answers and justice. The Umbrella Academy (S3) is a darkly-comic take on the superhero-genre. As a group they are all deeply flawed despite the special powers and before they know it become caught up in devastating events that rewrite history.

New series recently released/coming onto Netflix include Man vs BeeResident Evil and God’s Favorite Idiot.
Man vs Bee sees Rowan Atkinson (of Mr. Bean fame) house sit for a wealthy couple only to find his peace disturbed by a meddlesome bee. Cue plenty of slapstick mayhem as the luxurious home gets destroyed in increasingly inventive (or maddening) ways.
God’s Favorite Idiot has Melissa McCarthy team up with her collaborator and husband Ben Falcone as two run of the mill people who become embroiled in a celestial battle between God and Satan. Dogma gets McCarthyed if you will.
Resident Evil, has had some pretty meh movies based on the video game, so it is surprising to see it getting a full series. Nevertheless, perhaps allowing more time to explain how a zombie apocalypse came to pass. All episodes from July 14th.

Movies available for July include, Hustle, which stars Adam Sandler as an international scout for the 76ers who discovers a raw talent in Spain. As with Uncut Gems, it seems like there is real alchemy when Sandler is involved on a Netflix project. The Gray Man is a thriller starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans (released on July 15th). Finally Spiderhead featuring Miles Teller (yes, him again) about the administration of drugs to inmates by a shadowy pharmaceutical organization. 

Peacock Premium

Rounding off things is Peacock Premium. To continue our retro theme, if you haven’t had the chance to watch Bel-Air (the Fresh Prince reboot) here’s your perfect opportunity. It’s hard not to draw comparisons (eg the characters having the same names, Will having to leave Philadelphia for his safety) but this is very much a drama and a show in its own right. Taking on issues such as race, identity and class it really packs a punch but not without some really funny moments along the way.

Next we have Queer As Folk. This was originally a British series released in 1999 that was then adapted by Showtime. Again, this falls firmly into the ‘re-imagining’ camp as the show is loosely based on the original source but is very much traveling in its own direction. Which makes sense as the more significant issues experienced by the LGBT community in 2022 are very different to those faced in 1999.

We head over the Atlantic for our next two shows to watch in July. Trigger Point is from the team behind the Line of Duty series and follows a Police Bomb Disposal unit who find themselves being drawn into a conspiracy, but by who and why? As with Line of Duty expect a heavy mix of gritty procedure and unbearable tension. All episodes from 8th July.

Smother is a slice of Irish noir. Set in County Clare we meet Val Ahern, a woman whose first instinct is to protect her daughters and family. When her husband Denis is found dead she begins to investigate. Needless to say there’s a lot more than meets the eye in this sleepy corner of rural Ireland.

Finally we see Rutherford Falls coming back for its second season. This is from the creator of The Good Place and Parks and Recreation. It is based around two friends, Regan and Nathan. Regan is desperate for her indigenous Minishonka tribe to get a proper cultural center whereas Nathan, as a descendant of town founder, has an ornate museum and statue (that is literally a car crash) dedicated to Lawrence Rutherford. It takes a couple of episodes to get into it, but give it a chance and it’s a very funny show, with some real bite to it.

Streaming Picks For July 2022 – BOB Streaming Club

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