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June 2022 Best Streaming Picks – BOB Streaming Club

Once upon a time things (at least content-wise) became a little flat over the summer months. Of course there would be the summer movie blockbuster in theaters, but by and large things to watch at home got a little sparse.

Thankfully those days are now passed and we take you through another great month of fantastic titles for you watch under your BOB Streaming Club membership.

Again, as a reminder we base our picks on when all episodes of a series or season are available as we’d far rather offer you the flexibility to watch on your terms and never want to be in the situation of switching away from a platform halfway through a show’s run.


STREAMING PICKS FOR June 2022 - Images of HBO Titles

HBO Max starts the month strongly, with all episodes of Season 2 of Hacks available from June 2. This is a show that has united viewers and critics in their praise for it. We follow Deborah Vance, a legendary stand-up comedian (think along the lines of Joan Rivers) who is in fear of her career heading for the scrap-heap. She teams up with writer Ava Daniels and while the two clash on nearly every subject they need to work together to get their professional and personal lives back on track.

The Staircase is another series rightly getting alot of praise. Colin Firth stars in this true-crime drama series as Michael Peterson, a crime writer convicted of murdering his wife. A French documentary team who look into the case suggest the grounds for conviction might not be as secure as first thought…all episodes available from June 9.

Another show we think is unmissable is Barry. Into its third season (with all episodes available from June 12) this is a deliciously dark comedy. Bill Hader plays the titular character Barry, a depressed ex-Marine who works as a low-rent hitman. Accidentally finding himself involved in an acting class and is torn between bullets and Broadway. We also have to give a shout out to Henry Winkler who is superb as acting coach Gene.

Towards the end of the month we go for two titles that should be kind of familiar. We see a remake of Father of the Bride with Andy Garcia taking on the role (following in the steps of Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin) and it premieres on June 16. There is also The Time Traveler’s Wife, a glossy adaptation of the book (and subsequent film) and an enjoyable watch (especially if you are into Sci-Fi) available from June 19.


Just jumping the gun on June, (as all episodes available on May 31st), is Pistol. A six part series directed by Danny Boyle about legendary punk band the Sex Pistols. Based on Steve Jones (one of the founding members) memoir Lonely Boy this promises to be full of filth, fury and safety pins. We’d also recommend that you get the popcorn ready for John Lydon’s inevitable savage critique following its release.

Under the Banner of Heaven fully available from June 2nd is an American true-crime drama series starring Andrew Garfield inspired by the book by Jon Krakauer. There can be alot to take in, and it does start a little slowly, but stick with it and you’ll be richly rewarded.

The Bear looks like it could be a really good show (that could easily sneak under the radar). It’s a comedy about a fine dining chef who returns to run his family’s sandwich shop in Chicago following the death of his brother. Cue plenty of clashes between a snobby chef and his rough and ready kitchen team and customers. All episodes released on June 23rd.

Another comedy worth checking out is Shoresy. A Letterkenny spin off, this sees Shoresy travel to Ontario to lead a struggling hockey team. It might be a bit niche for some but fans of Letterkenny and/or hockey will really enjoy this crude but funny series. Catch all episodes on June 24th.

A few recently applauded series also available to view on Hulu as part of your BOB Streaming Club subscription in June are, Conversations with Friends, The Girl from Plainville and Candy.

Conversations with Friends is from the same team that brought us 2020’s Normal People. It can be a bit slow and nuanced, so if you are looking for a quick hit of something, this really is not the show for you…but if you’re looking to take things down a gear or two and simply unwind, this will more than fit the bill.
Both The Girl from Plainville and Candy are drama series based on true-crime cases. They each explore the lives and motivations of the protagonists. While there are of course matters of fact within the stories, you, the viewer, will be left to draw your own conclusions.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ seems determined to keep us on the edge of our seats for June with a bunch of thrillers to really get your teeth into (or set them on edge). 

Firstly Shining Girls, fully available from June 3rd. Elisabeth Moss stars as Kirby, a woman who learns that her recent attack is connected to a murder and sets out to find the perpetrator. In doing so she has to confront her past, her present and a reality where all is not as it seems. It has won high praise from the writer Stephen King (and no, it doesn’t have any connection to his work The Shining) It’s another example of how Apple TV+ really don’t do ‘run of the mill’ shows.

Secondly Now & Then. This is about a group of college friends who 20 years ago go on a trip where one of their party ends up meeting a gruesome death. Fast forward to the present day, and  the group are contacted by an anonymous message demanding $1million each or the events of that fateful evening will be revealed to the authorities. Needless to say this creates a pretty tense reunion as the group try to work out what happened that night, why they are being blackmailed and by who. All episodes available from June 24.

Finally there is Season 2 of Tehran, an espionage thriller. Tamar is a Mossad agent working on a covert mission in Iran. As you’d imagine, things don’t quite go according to plan. Cue her having to go to ground, with Iranian security forces alerted, the mission in jeopardy and plenty of twists and turns. Frankly, this makes Homeland look like Sesame Street.

The movie Cha Cha Real Smooth, which gained many plaudits at the Sundance Film Festival premieres on June 17. This is a real feel-good romantic comedy that has plenty of warmth but without being overly schmaltzy.

A couple of titles recently released that are also worth a look include The Big Conn and Prehistoric Planet. 

The Big Conn, despite its title, is not a sitcom, but a documentary about one of the biggest ever government frauds (and that’s just for a start). Prehistoric Planet looks to tick every box going: Sir David Attenborough narrating, Hans Zimmer doing the music and CGI dinosaurs. This is a natural history series you don’t want to miss.

Streaming Picks for June 2022 & BOB Streaming Club

BOB Streaming Club allows our members to avoid the hassle and increasing expense of streaming TV. For $29.99 a month, we subscribe our members to a combination of 3 streaming services based on the best offering of new titles. We’ll take care of the admin in opening and pausing accounts as well as keeping you up to date with when and where new titles are released. For more information please visit  Be quick to avoid disappointment as we only have a limited number of memberships available.

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