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Some (crucial) iterations coming to BOB Streaming Club

We have made encouraging ground over the last few months but a defining period for the service is upon us.

There are two major undertakings to see through in the next couple of weeks:

  • Allow users to pick their own subscriptions
  • A re-design of the site and UX

Internally we had asked the question, what is more important for gaining traction? Sales or the product itself? Initially, we reasoned the first thing to address was sales as the feedback from our users was that the product was good. By sales, I mean a facelift for our website, branding and general UX. We have been preoccupied making the damn thing work so branding and other aesthetics have taken a back seat.

We have attempted to address this in the last few weeks by giving the website a small makeover, tightening up the editorial and language around the proposition. I think we are agreed internally, there is a pretty low ceiling to what we can do here as none of us are designers, often relying on Aden to not only ‘make it work’ but to piece the UX together also. The time has come to bite the bullet here and get a proper makeover. As a team, we think this is becoming more important; while people may like the proposition, and check in to see what we are up to, the feel of the site is crucial in getting interested users to take the next step. In essence, we need it to look like the real deal. This means getting in some talent and letting them loose; this may mean ripping up and starting again right from the palette and fonts we use to the smaller details.

After the last blog post (, we floated the idea of letting users pick their own subscriptions. The feedback we got was that this would be a good idea in the main. Our current users would appreciate the flexibility from time to time, but the curation of The Streaming Club is of value to them. Secondly, many people who like the idea of BSC but have not made the leap have cited that we would offer subscriptions they already have. By allowing new users to pick their own this ensures a ‘softer landing’ on to the service and makes any transition easier.

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