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September 2022 Best Streaming Picks – BOB Streaming Club

A surprisingly strong summer of streaming has given way to a Fall that is starting to flex its muscles. It is probably aided by the sheer amount of platforms now available, and each company being very careful about when they release. However that is not good for you, the viewer, unless you have exceptionally deep pockets and an unlimited amount of time. So as we do every month here’s what we at BOB Streaming Club offers you the best value streaming subscriptions for September. Remember we’re all about flexibility and switching your bundle every month, so why not build yourself a package today, get the full benefit from it for September and then refresh your options for October?

Apple TV+

As ever Apple TV+ looks to release thought-provoking, cerebral content. For All Mankind is back for it’s 3rd Season. This is a Sci-Fi series in the classic tradition of ‘what if’ and in this case it’s a case of what if the Soviet Union landed on the moon first, triggering an ongoing space race. Each series is set across a decade and features real-life figures ranging from Richard Nixon to Kurt Cobain. Well worth giving a try if you haven’t already.

Get your leg warmers ready for Physical (S2). Set in the 80s and follows Sheila Rubin (played by Rose Byrne) who re-awakens her true self through…aerobics. As you’d guess from this premise there is a certain comedic element to Physical however it is not without is dramatic moments (even tipping into an acerbic satire on the commodification of body image). It is fair to say it’s not for everyone,  but it certainly won’t be dismissed as being ‘meh’.

Black Bird is one of Ray Liotta’s final roles and it is a real gem of a series. It stars Taron Egerton who plays Jimmy Keene, a drug dealer who is given an unusual deal from the authorities; transfer to a high security prison and gather information on a suspected serial killer in exchange for a greatly reduced sentence. Adapted from Keene’s autobiography by the peerless Dennis Lehane and shot in a rich cinematic style you’ll find yourself utterly absorbed. 

Gutsy is a documentary featuring Hilary and Chelsea Clinton as they travel across the country meeting the gutsy women who have shaped modern times. From Amy Schumer to Megan Thee Stallion this promises to be a fabulous series that doesn’t pull its punches. (Released 9/9). One of the more gutsy writer/performers in recent time is Sharon Horgan and her new series Bad Sisters doesn’t disappoint. Set in Ireland this dark comedy revolves around the Garvey sisters and the death of their brother-in-law. When his life insurers start investigating his demise they find that all the sisters have plenty of reason to help him meet his end

Kids are being well served by Apple TV+ too. The recent releases of the enjoyable movie Luck from Skydance Animation. Best Foot Forward based on Josh Sundquist’s book following a 12-year-old moving from homeschool to public school – where he is the only student with a prosthetic leg. As well as Surfside Girls where best friends Sam and Jade investigate spooky happenings in their hometown of Surfside.


Showtime’s two big releases for September are American Gigolo and The Comey Rule. American Gigolo, has been dogged by problems with its production, with showrunner David ‘Ray Donovan’ Hollander being fired. Initial reviews seem to focus on it being very different to the 1980 movie (which is unsurprising given it is a different format and there’s 42 years between them). This could well surprise a few people as with some new hands behind the scenes it might move in a very different and surprising direction. Episodes from 9/9. 

The Comey Rule is a two-part miniseries airing on September 27 & 28. Based on the book by James Comey (the former director of the FBI it follows the lead up to the 2016 election and the first few months of the Trump presidency. Featuring Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson this promises to be a fascinating dramatization of recent American history.

Supreme Team is a 3 part documentary about the gang who operated out of Queens, New York during the crack epidemic of the 1980s. Featuring gang leaders Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff and Gerald “Prince” Miller as well as hip-hop royalty such as Nas and LL Cool J, it explores not only the roots of rap and street culture, but also the damage crack inflicted on society.

If crime drama is your thing the return of City on a Hill (S3) and We Hunt Together (S2) is sure to wet your appetite. We Hunt Together has a Baba and Freddy as a Bonnie and Clyde-style couple going on a murderous rampage (seemingly with Freddy pulling most of the strings). Sure enough, detectives Lola and Jackson are engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse in a plot crammed with twists, turns and a fair few jump scares.

City on a Hill also returns with Kevin Bacon superb as a morally dubious FBI agent trying to find a way to keep things as he wants them despite the emergence of a righteous and idealistic Assistant District Attorney played by Aldis Hodge. Sure, there might be a few ‘familiar’ moments for fans of the crime genre, but this is definitely a binge-worthy box set.

Also available is Season 2 of Flatbush Misdemeanors. Whilst it has a certain goofiness to it, it cleverly marries this with bone dry humor, especially when dealing with subjects such as gentrification and Millennial anxiety. Don’t expect belly-laughs, but you’ll be wryly smiling all the way through.


We’ve picked to go again with Hulu for September as they continue their strong run of programming. Tell Me Lies (which opens with 3 episodes on 7 September) is about a dysfunctional relationship (OK, at times downright toxic) over the span of 8 years. From the initial throes of passion at college, to an addictive and damaging relationship (which doesn’t just affect them) anyone who has loved and lost will certainly feel a strong degree of empathy with this title.

On a less intense (but still darkly comic) note Wedding Season is here to “genre-bust” (according to Hulu). Katie and Stefan fall for each other at a wedding and begin an affair. The only problem being that Katie is due to be married. Following Katie’s wedding her husband and all his family are found dead with the police suspecting Stefan…who in turn suspects Katie. As you can imagine, things are going to get pretty complicated.

We switch the dial back to ‘intense’ with The Handmaid’s Tale (S5). We’ve long given up trying to second-guess what will happen next, but we can guarantee there will be moments where you exhale heavily and then realize you haven’t taken a breath in 5 minutes. From 14 September.

There could be a bit of alchemy in the air with Reasonable Doubt, as the last time Kerry Washington was in a Hulu series it was for the superb Little Fires Everywhere. This time she is onboard as Executive Producer. The show has been described by Hulu as a ‘sexy legal drama’ with Emayatzy Corinealdi as Jax Stewart, a maverick defense attorney. Of course because this is TV, her personal life is very much at odds with her powerful career. Starts 27 September.

Finally lets round off with some levity, or should that be Levitan? As Steven ‘Modern Family’ Levitan’s Reboot. The premise is that the (dysfunctional) cast of a hit early-2000 sitcom find themselves involved with a potential reboot of the series. Likely ‘inspired’ by a lot of current responses toward shows such as Friends this has the potential to be a very funny critique of cancel-culture as well as naive (or downright ignorant) attitudes from past times. Out on 20 September. 

So there we have it, plenty to enjoy in September. Remember you can build this bundle, or a version featuring 1 or 2 of our suggested platforms over at

We believe that streaming should be fluid and flexible and being able to switch up every month keeps your viewing options fresh and make sure you are always on the right platforms based on the shows you want to watch. Sign up today and get your first taste of streaming freedom.

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