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BOB Streaming Club Optimizes Your Viewing

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BOB Streaming Club has been created to give its members value for money from their streaming spend. With the arrival of online streaming services, the ability to quickly access top quality content has never been easier. However with more and more platforms offering more and more shows this means that to sign up to everything becomes very expensive.

In addition, the more platforms you have, the more divided your viewing is, meaning you don’t get the full range of each platform. BOB Streaming Club solves these problems by picking the 3 best platforms each month based on new releases to give the best value for your streaming spend. 

Cutting That Cord (Again)

There was a big movement, not so long ago to cut the cord from expensive cable packages, that locked people into a TV, broadband and phone package with limited say in what channels could and couldn’t be included within various tiers of pricing.

Netflix very much led a quiet revolution against this offering a strong alternative of great entertainment and to not being locked in. However, with the rise and rise of Netflix we have seen additional streaming services come into the market and ironically need to cut the cord again. Although this time it is about the management of the number of streaming subscriptions.

Add into the mix the ubiquitous nature of a platform such as Netflix makes this exercise even harder. Many feel they ‘couldn’t be without….’ and the service become less of a content provider but more of a comfort blanket. BOB Streaming Club challenges this thinking, as the BOB team believe that you should be signed up to a service when it has a strong monthly slate and move on when the content is weaker.

Why Use A Service Like BOB Streaming Club?

At their heart the BOB Team want streamers to get value for money. Streaming is almost like a utility bill but if it is underused you don’t get a reduction in cost. From research, people just tend to not cancel streaming services for a few reasons.

  • Perceived difficulty of pausing/restarting accounts.
  • Simply forgetting or being complacent about a hardly used streaming account (the streaming equivalent of buying clothes in a sale, only for it to live at the back of your wardrobe with the tags still on it).
  • A worry that the most incredible show will be just around the next corner.

It’s also highly unlikely that many know their total monthly streaming cost, as often payment comes out at different points, free trials end and tier pricing changes. 

BOB Streaming Club will actively move you onto different streaming platforms but will take care of all the admin. They tell you what 3 services you have each month and give you plenty of notice as to which ones will switch as part of the monthly rotation. The changes are based on when all episodes of big new shows are available so you won’t be cut off mid season.It is also one flat monthly fee, so you will know exactly how much your monthly streaming spend is.

BOB Streaming Club is a new and unique proposition to streamline streaming, choosing the cream of the streaming crop giving its members value for money and saving the most valuable commodity, time.

BOB Streaming Club Curates For The Win

Once upon a time streaming companies would helpfully drop all episodes at once, at a stroke removing the ‘tune in next week to see what happens’ that traditional television had to operate on. Sadly, for a number of reasons (pandemic, money, fragmentation of market) platforms have reverted to the old model of weekly releases. The BOB Team look to offset this by only picking titles that will have all episodes available meaning that streaming again fits around your viewing schedule and not the other way round. 

On the BOB Team, they are from a mixture of backgrounds including media, software and technology. They are all united by the buzz you get from watching an amazing series or movie and believe that just like life, streaming should be fluid too. This should also help to reduce the opportunities for FOMO, no more missing out on a show because it is not available to you or finding out about a title when it’s already well into Season 3.

They keep members updated with monthly previews, release alerts and suggested further viewing based on the month’s big titles. Meaning that the days of choice paralysis or having an uninspiring streaming package are long gone. 

Other Reasons To Become A Member Of BOB Streaming Club

  • Cancel anytime
  • Instant Access
  • Anonymised login for streaming platforms
  • Optimal viewing window
  • Exclusive member’s area
  • Use new streaming platforms 

So plenty of good reasons as to why having a fluid, rotating streaming package is far better than sticking with a set, predictable and increasingly stale roster of services.

About The BOB Team

BOB has been active in the streaming sector for nearly four years. Initially through building search & recommendation apps to help users connect with friends and family through content.

This year they have focused on helping people navigate their way to new series and seasons and have become increasingly aware that if you sign-up to every platform it is costly and easy to miss things through too much choice. Similarly if you stick with your tried and tested you can miss out on the big new shows as you can’t or won’t switch platforms. 

Which is where BOB Streaming Club came along, building the best combination of 3 streaming services, based on the big new shows. It gives its members the right amount of choice, convenience and acts as a helpful guide as it manoeuvres its members through the streaming universe. 

Are streamers finding this useful? The answer is most definitely ‘YES’.

“I was paying for 6 or 7 streaming services and spending half my time searching for something to watch. This fundamentally changes my relationship with TV.”

James Hill, NYC

“I liked the ease of one cable subscription, but I also like the flexibility of streaming services. This takes the best bits from both, packages them up and keeps things fresh“

Robyn Palm, RI

So streamers who are looking for a narrower but deeper monthly streaming experience are finding real value with the resources provided by the BOB team. Whether they are doing it independently through referencing the BOB team’s work or are members of BOB Streaming Club for a hassle-free viewing experience.

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