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Make Your Streaming More Adventurous With BOB

Adventurers v Wet Blankets - BOB

There are generally two types of streamers. The first bunch tend to keep the same streaming services and have a propensity to stick to what they know. Let’s refer to these folk as ‘The Comfort Blankets’ (we’ll resist the temptation to call them ‘wet blankets’). The second group tends to focus on the new and have a higher inclination to place themselves where the best shows are due to air. These are ‘The Adventurers’. Now, if you fall into the latter then we implore you to read on. If you don’t then, well, you’re still here despite being mildly insulted so you may as well stick this one out too. Be that as it may, we are here to tell you that BOB wants to make your streaming options about new adventures.

The BOB team believes that most people like the idea of that too. Problem is, it’s all become a bit of an ass to be an Adventurer. Services carving up the rights. Cancellation processes that Houdini wouldn’t be able to get out of. Price increases more regular than breakfast. It’s a difficult backdrop for such a golden period of viewing and choice. It’s more sales than series, you might say. Which is a real shame, because we believe, the great shows have as much cultural relevance as great film and literature of yesteryear. Better Call Saul’ should be taught alongside Shakespeare. The quality of content has reached exceptional levels and The BOB team wants to make it easy for people to easily get it.

OK, “Quit blabbering”, you say. “What do you want? A Noble Peace Prize?” OK, so here’s the deal. BOB makes it super-simple to add, swap & drop your streaming subscriptions. You pick up to five services you would like each month – we will supply the credentials to view. (A side note here – if you leave Hulu in May and come back in October, your login details and account will remain the same – it’s got to be easy, right?). Each month, if you want to add or remove services, let them roll, or have the BOB team curate a month for you all those options are available. You can also search and compare playlists, helping you choose the best bundle for you, for that month. The point is it’s easy to be where and when the action is.

What do our members say?

Generally very polite things, they are a lovely bunch. Their feedback comes through loud and clear though, in two distinctive ways:

“I don’t spend 5 months paying for Peacock before realising I don’t use it”

(This is a classic, we like this one – funny how it’s always Peacock)

“It stops me just re-watching shows for no good reason and life is better for it”

(We like this is even better than the first one – avoiding the comfort blanket re-lapse)

“…and life is better for it”. Yes indeed, you heard correctly. We are talking about life here people. That is the other thing we have found; our members want TV to fit in to, and add to, their lives. New stories enhance their wider world. As trite as this sounds, it’s true. Have you ever met someone for the first time and found an immediate connection talking about a TV show? Exactly! That’s what we want to bring to the party.

Come and check us out

We would love you to have a look around, see what you think. Please note, it usually takes us a few hours to get your first bundle set up but is seamless thereafter. If you’re not ready to make such a leap of faith at this stage then please feel free to leave an email; we’ll stay in touch, answer any questions you have and hopefully see you embrace a better way to enhance your streaming life.

See you soon & happy viewing!

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