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April 2022 Best Streaming Picks – BOB Streaming Club

Streaming picks for April 2022 have not been easy. It’s a packed streaming month with various big shows concluding and a number of series making their premieres as platforms and networks look to be considered for the Emmy Awards by the May 31st deadline.

As you’d imagine the sheer volume of titles is daunting and let’s face it we simply don’t have the time and money to watch everything (but hey, that’s why we are here to help).

Some honorable mentions for April that don’t quite make our final line-up, include the finales of Powerbook IV on Starz ($6.99 pm) and Super Pumped on Showtime ($10.99 pm) There’s also a short exclusive window for Jackass Forever if wincing and gross-out is your thing on Paramount+ ($5.99 pm). However we don’t feel there is enough to support these titles on these platforms to provide value for money this month. So without further ado…

Our Streaming Picks For April 2022:

Apple TV+

Streaming picks For April 2022 - Apple TV+
Clockwise from top left: Slow Horses, Pachinko, They Call Me Magic, Roar

The standout service for the month is Apple TV+ ($4.99 pm) with several high-calibre premieres arriving on the scene. This is part of a big push from Apple to grab a larger slice of streaming pie and it seems to be working.

Slow Horses is an espionage thriller with a cast so stellar it’s almost criminal (Gary Oldman, Olivia Coleman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jonathan Pryce). With Mick Jagger singing the title track, it’s fair to say it has had a few bucks spent on it.

Severance, Ptolemy Grey and WeCrashed are recent releases getting positive reviews and are widely endorsed. Also released in April is Pachinko, a stunning multi-era Korean epic. Roar is from the makers of GLOW and stars Nicole Kidman. Finally They Call Me Magic a four part documentary series about the legendary basketball player Magic Johnson.

Phew! When you stack up Apple TV+ offering for April we just had to pick it for our members.


Clockwise from top left: Anatomy of a Scandal, Russian Doll, Grace and Frankie, Ozark

Netflix ($9.99 pm) as usual, has a healthy looking month for premiere titles, and is the second of our picks for April 2022. Firstly here are three returning seasons that we consider too big for our members to miss this month, Russian Doll (S2), Ozark (S4), Grace and Frankie (S7)

Russian Doll is an enjoyable, quirky time-loop show, (think 1001 Ways To Die meets Groundhog Day as a jumping off point). Ozark will draw to a conclusion with its very final eps dropping on the 29th, expect plenty of twists as well as tension overload. We also bid a fond farewell to Grace and Frankie the charming ‘odd-couple’ comedy which is Netflix’s longest running series; not bad going for a couple of old timers. 

The brand new Anatomy of a Scandal is hotly anticipated. Based on a novel of the same name this has David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies) and Melissa James Gibson (House of Cards) on board behind the scenes, so a rock-solid pedigree. All in all, Netflix providing great value for members in April.


Clockwise from top left: Under the Banner of Heaven, Life & Beth, Pam & Tommy, The Dropout

Third of our picks for April 2022 is Hulu ($6.99 pm). We believe this month to be a super catch-up month that will delight our members.

There’s a couple of new releases, crime docu-drama Captive Audience and true-crime drama Under the Banner of Heaven. However there is a whole bunch of recent series either concluded or drawing to a close which makes Hulu perfect for binge-watching this month.

For starters the excellent The Dropout concludes on the 7th April. There is also the lighter-hearted How I Met Your Father and Life & Beth. All rounded off with the much talked about The Cleaning Lady, and Pam & Tommy. So if you’ve been out of the Hulu loop, or prefer to box-set your viewing, it perfectly compliments our other two picks for April.


BOB Streaming Club exists so that our members can avoid the increasing hassle and expense of streaming TV. For $29.99 a month, we subscribe our members to a combination of 3 streaming services each month for best streaming coverage. For more information please visit Be quick to avoid disappointment as we only have a limited number of memberships available.

Looking forward to May..

HBO Max ($9.99 pm) was tough to leave out of April’s platform selection. The acclaimed Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty finishes in May, so we felt it would be ideal to provide this as a box-set to our members next month along with We Own This City. Whilst the increasingly loved Our Flag Means Death and Minx boost April’s roster for HBO Max, in May we also see the welcome return of The Flight Attendant S2. This makes HBO Max an all-star pick for May – good things come to those who wait.

BOB Streaming Club highlights recap:

Apple TV+:Slow Horses / Severance / WeCrashed / Pachinko / Roar/ They Call Me Magic / Ptolemy Grey

Netflix: Russian Doll S2 / Anatomy of a Scandal / Ozark S4P2 / Grace and Frankie

Hulu: Captive Audience/ Under the Banner of Heaven / The Cleaning Lady / How I Met Your Father / Life&Beth / Pam&Tommy / The Dropout (Super Catch up Month!)

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