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Comparing Streaming Services: The Best 4 Subscriptions To Take You Through New Year

TV is getting complicated. So to make life easier we’ve tried to find the best 4 subscriptions based on new releases. We have then factored in the cost of these subscriptions and have created some combinations that show you what will give you the best bang for your buck running into 2022. By the way, we’ve only looked at brand new series, if you would like to see returning seasons included get in touch:

So, what’s the breakdown? Well, if you are looking for a sheer number of new hours, Hulu is your starting point. 28% of the premiering titles listed here are available on Hulu. To put that into context, Netflix is the next highest with 16%. The overall breakdown is detailed in the chart below.

Pie chart showing new hours by platform to help determine Best 4 Streaming Subscriptions

This is where things start getting tricky. What else should we add to our basket alongside the big-hitting Hulu and Netflix catalogues? HBO Max (11%), Amazon (9%), Disney (9%), Apple TV+ (9%), AMC+ (7%) and Peacock (7%) have similar amount of new releases over this period. If we are including Hulu and Netflix in your bundle based on the sheer volume of premiere hours, we have to be more discerning with the other services. In other words, we have to ask the question – how good are the shows? To do this we have tallied up the IMDB ratings of the ‘other’ platform titles to get a glance at the quality you might expect. Then, setting a limit at 4 services in total and a budget of around $35 a month, we think we have the answer as to how to get the most value from streaming subscriptions.

Amazon (IMDB avg 6.5)

I Know What You Did Last Summer = 5.3 IMDB (HORROR)

The Wheel of Time = Coming Nov 19th (FANTASY)


HBO Max (IMDB avg 6.7)

Scenes From A Marriage = 8.1 IMDB (DRAMA) Top Score!!

Nuclear Family = 6.5 IMDB (MINI SERIES)

The Way Down = 7.1 IMDB (DOCUMENTARY)

Ghosts = 7.3 IMDB (COMEDY)

Head Of The Class = 4.5 IMDB (COMEDY)

Disney+ (IMDB avg N/A)

Star Wars: Visions = 7.2 IMDB (ANIMATION)

Hawkeye = Coming Nov 24th (ACTION/CRIME)

The Beatles: Get Back = Coming Nov 25th (DOCUMENTARY)

The Book of Boba Fett (Star Wars) = Coming Dec 29th (SCI-FI)

Apple TV+ (IMDB avg 6.7)

Foundation = 7.3 IMDB (SCI-FI

Finch = 7.0 IMDB (SCI-FI)

Invasion = 5.8 IMDB (SCI-FI)

The Shrink Next Door = 6.7 IMDB (COMEDY)

AMC+ (IMDB avg 6.8)

Wakefield = 7.6 IMDB (MYSTERY)

Ragdoll = 5.8 IMDB (THRILLER)

Anna = 6.9 IMDB (HORROR)

Peacock (IMDB avg 5.4)

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol= 6.7 IMDB (ADVENTURE)

Unidentified with Demi Lovato = 2.8 IMDB (REALITY/ADVENTURE)

One of Us is lying = 6.8 IMDB (CRIME)

The results are in….

We think adding HBO MAX to your bundle is the best bet. Firstly it has more brand-new shows premiering than the other streaming platforms. Secondly, it has the joint highest average IMDB score for its new titles, which is a decent indicator of pedigree. Finally, it has Scenes from A Marriage which, frankly, is one of the best shows right now. 

AMC+ also has a very solid looking schedule and Wakefield could well be the next big thing to come out of left-field. Let’s face it, there’s no better time of year to get invested into a show than the winter months. So this looks like a subscription that will provide great value.

There are of course some other things to bear in mind as to how you build your stack. If you are big into Sci-Fi Apple TV+ and Disney+ are well stocked for you. Apple seem to have gone otherworldly so if that’s your bag, you may want to hitch yourself to their wagon. If you are a Stars Wars fan then Disney+ is going to be the place to go (although you already know that, don’t you?). Beatles fans might want to do the same with the forthcoming Peter Jackson documentary The Beatles: Get Back .

So we are pretty close to our pick of the best 4 subscriptions to take you into the new year, but there is one question left – Are the new, single, releases on Paramount and/or Starz good enough to gatecrash the party? 


The Harper House, IMDB 5.2, COMEDY/ANIMATION


BMF (Black Mafia Family), IMDB 7.2, CRIME

We are going to say no. However, if gangster/mafia is on your wish list then you may want to swap Starz in here. You may figure that the depth of the AMC+ and Apple TV+ libraries won’t leave you a whole heap of time to get through it all by the new year. 

Here’s our suggested best 4 subscriptions to take you through New Year

BOB’s suggested basket:

Hulu, Netflix, HBO MAX, AMC+

From $34.96/month

For Sci-Fi/Star Wars fans:

Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+     

From $28.96/month

For Beatles/Drama fans:

Hulu, Netflix, HBO MAX, Disney+ 

From $33.96/month

So we hope this has helped you decide what to subscribe to over the holiday season. We’ve also got a full list of the new releases below.

Happy Viewing!

Hulu list
Only Murders in the Building, American Rust, The Premise, The Big Leap, Ordinary Joe, Our Kind of People, Alter Ego, The Wonder Years, Baker’s Dozen, Dopesick, Queens, The Next Thing You Eat,Yellowjackets

Netflix list
Chicago Party Aunt, Midnight Mass, Maid, Arcane, Inside Job, Colin in Black & White, Cowboy Bebop

Disney+ list
Star Wars: Visions, Hawkeye, The Beatles: Get Back, The Book of Boba Fett: Star Wars

HBO Max list
Scenes from a Marriage, Nuclear Family, The Way Down Part 1, Ghosts, Head of the Class

Amazon list
LulaRich, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Wheel of Time

Apple TV+ list
Finch, Invasion, The Shrink Next Door, Foundation

Peacock list
Unidentified with Demi Lovato, One Of Us Is Lying, Dan Brown’s the Lost Symbol

AMC+ list
Wakefield, Ragdoll, Anna

Paramount+ list
The Harper House

Starz list

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