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8 Romantic Movies Like The Longest Ride

If you’re a sucker for romantic movies, chances are you recently watched The Longest Ride and now you’re searching for another movie that satisfies the hopeless romantic inside of you. 

It’s no surprise that many of us love movies like The Longest Ride. Research shows that watching romantic movies help release stress hormones and confront our own feelings. They can help us learn how to handle emotions, heartbreak, and loss. 

There are also studies into the effects of watching romantic movies. They show that when we see sensual skin contact, like a caress across the arm, our brain connects and ‘feels’ an emotional response even though we weren’t physically touched. 

If you’re ready for another epic romantic drama to give your brain some sensual stimulation, we’ve got the perfect list for you.

Keep reading for our favourite movies like The Longest Ride

Dear John (2010)

Movies Like The Longest Ride - still from movie

The history of the “Dear John” letter dates back to the 1950s. For men away at war, receiving a “Dear John” letter meant that a lady was ending her relationship with her partner from a distance. 

In this 2010 movie, Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried play a young couple who experience heartache and turmoil over seven years. As a student and a soldier, they try their best to keep their love afloat, despite heart-wrenching setbacks. 

This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, desperately hoping for a happy reunion between these two young lovers. 
Director: Lasse Hallström

The Vow (2012)

For romance and tragedy, The Vow will give you a generous hit like The Longest Ride

Newlyweds Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum)suffer a devastating car accident, leaving the Paige with memory loss – and no recollection of her husband.

In this unique love story, Tatum’s character begins to court his wife all over again. His patient and caring demeanour hope to give the couple a second chance at love. 

These two actors are veterans in the romantic drama genre and they create a lovable partnership that makes you root for them until the end.  
Director: Michael Sucsy

The Lucky One (2012) 

Like The Longest Ride, The Lucky One is one of the movies that have been adapted from one of Nicholas Sparks’ famous books. 

In The Lucky One, Zac Efron’s character returns home from the Marines. He bears with him a photo of a woman he’s never met, but he is determined to find her. 

Not unsurprisingly, their paths cross. The ensuing romance and drama really delivers to the audience exactly what they are yearning for. 
Director: Scott Hicks

Safe Haven (2013) 

Here we go, another from the stable of Nicholas Sparks

Safe Haven is a romantic drama that comes with plot twists and secret lives that threaten the safety of Katies (Julianna Hough). 

She moves to a small town with a plan to start fresh. One particularly helpful local, played by Josh Duhamel, helps her navigate the new town and brings her out of her shell. 

While the two begin to create a closer bond, a stranger comes to town, threatening their blossoming relationship. Duhamel soon realises there is more to this mysterious woman’s past than he imagined. As the situation becomes dangerous and chaotic, Duhamel can’t help but entangle himself in her life. 
Director: Lasse Hallström

The Choice (2016)

This story takes place in a small coastal town where Travis Shaw is the local hotshot and womaniser. His life takes a turn when Gabby Holland, a medical student moves in next door. 

They have a rocky start, Travis’ partying and pretentiousness, leaves Gabby unimpressed with her new neighbour. As the two get to know each other, they begin to develop feelings for one another. Unbeknownst to Travis, Gabby has a long-term doctor boyfriend who arrives in town shortly after. 

Although Gabby has feelings for her new neighbor, her boyfriend surprises her with a proposal. Now Gabby must decide between her two loves and her two lives. 

The Choice is a romantic drama that will pull at the heartstrings because no matter the choice, someone is going to get heartbroken. 
Director: Ross Katz

Endless Love (2014)

Endless Love is a remake of a romantic classic of the same name. A young girl from a privileged home named Jade falls for a troubled teen named David from a working-class family.

Although Jade’s father disapproves of the relationship and tries to keep her sheltered from mischief, in is all in vain as the young couple fall deeply in love. As their relationship becomes stronger, Jade’s father is determined to find evidence that this boy is unsuitable for his daughter. 

The love-struck teens are desperate to make their love conquer the obstacles in this tearful and angsty love story. 
Director: Shana Feste

The Notebook (2004)

The Notebook is a well-known romance movie. The story oscillates between modern-day and post-World War II, leaving you wondering how these characters are connected. 

Much like The Longest Ride characters and story, you get to watch two love stories unfold, and discover what brings them together over time. 

In this heartbreaking story, a beautiful young socialite played by Rachel McAdams visits North Carolina over the summer with her parents. She meets a poor young boy, played by Ryan Gosling, and while their love develops over the course of the summer, there are factors that tear them apart. Their young love cannot withstand the forces of their parents and their socioeconomic disparity.

While apart for several years, the couple tries to move on, but their connection is so deep that they find themselves reuniting in unusual circumstances and must fight for their love. 

This is one movie you will want to have the box of tissues nearby! 
Director: Nick Cassavetes

Enjoy These Movies Like The Longest Ride 

Watching deeply romantic movies like The Longest Ride might be considered a guilty pleasure but in the best possible way. These movies help us relive our own experiences of love, heartache, and tragedy. Be sure to check out The Choice, The Vow, Safe Haven, The Lucky One, Dear John, and The Notebook, for your fix of romantic cinema. 

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