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7 Returning Seasons To Look Out For

With the news on the pandemic improving, but the world news heading in a very worrying direction, may I suggest some of these returning seasons for you to take some time to occasionally distract yourself from the real world. These returning seasons are sure to cast our mind away to happier times (or at least before everything went mad).  There is plenty of cheer and happiness in here – because despite it all, we humans are resilient, funny and worth caring about. 

Mark your diaries for the returns of your favourite fictional worlds… 

Marvellous Mrs Maisel (Season 4)

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For those of us who love Midge, we know that all she needs is a break. The problem is, this season she might just get everything she wants as a comedian…but what will that cost her family. This excellent comedy proves time and time again to have resonance for working Mothers, even today. Plus, you know…it’s just wildly entertaining. New episodes weekly from February 17th.

Better Things (Season 5)

Pass the tissues because this is the final season of the BEST show on TV. Ok, so that might be subjective but I don’t even care. Pamela Adlon has shown us a new way to make TV over the past four seasons. The innovation and joy growing with each subsequent episode, let alone season. If you are a die-hard fan, like I am, you’ll know the emotional attachment to this family and what the imminent end feels like. Released February 28, with a new episode every Monday.

Killing Eve (Season 4)

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh are ready to wind their ongoing love/hate relationship down, in this final season of the show which had everyone talking. Expect more incredible fashion and impressive accents from Comer, while the titular Eve continues to evade death at Villanelle’s hands. “Sharp and sparky”,  are some of the early comments and who can be surprised? If you can’t wait, here’s my 10 Best Assassin Movies to keep you going. Sundays from February 27.

Outlander (Season 6)

A woman from my very own neck of the woods, Catriona Balfe is a girl done good, though actually “done goddamn gangbusters” would probably be more accurate. She shines as the lead of this Sci-fi time travel show set in the Scottish highlands, which has become a worldwide phenomenon. Fans await the new season with bated breath, and Balfe has been teasing them with sneak peeks on her social media. Released Sunday March 6.

Atlanta (Season 3)

Arguably the coolest show on the box, this comedy-drama created by Donald Glover showcases his insane talent at…well, everything. Earn is still struggling to get ahead in a broken music industry as the crew head off on a European tour. FX has announced the air date as March 24 – mark your calendars.  

Bridgerton (Season 2)

25 March sees the return of the most watched show ever released on Netflix. Yeah – you heard me. The super sexy period drama which saw everyone through some dark times has got some new cast members and some big ambitions. The queen of TV, Shonda Rhimes has hinted at many more series to come. Pass the vintage champagne.

Better Call Saul (Season 6)

After a two-year hiatus, Saul is back with the sixth season. Bob Odenkirk has gained a very loyal following, and some might say that this Breaking Bad spin-off has actually got a stronger cult following (whisper it quietly, it *might* even be a better show than BB). Either way, it is not one to miss… April 18th is the day to remember. 

Get Ready For These Returning Seasons!

So there you have it – plenty of couch time to book in over the new few months. Is there a show you’re excited to see, which we’ve missed here? Let us know! Also, check out our app which updates daily with titles that are new and coming soon. It’s your daily streaming guide!

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