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5 Sensational Shows Like Lost In Space On Netflix

A real heritage sci-fi franchise, there are plenty of shows like Lost In Space on Netflix. As with many series it did not escape the Netflix scythe back in December 2021 but nevertheless it was great to see its reappearance over 3 seasons. Originating in the late 60s and running over 83 episodes Irwin Allen’s series burst onto the scene and attracted a massive audience. 

Based on the novel The Swiss Family Robinson we follow the adventures of the Robinson family who are lost in space (of course) and their encounters with planets, spaceships, robots, aliens (generally looking like humans with silver faces!) a legendary bad guy (Doctor Smith).

The show also featured heartwarming family relationships, different family generations, adventure, discovery, friendships, adversity and dealing with other species.  ‘Danger Will Robinson’ found its place in the pantheon of famous TV quotes (and believe me, it cropped up almost every episode). Alas it jumped the shark with episode 82 and the running rampage of space vegetables (The Great Vegetable Rebellion). Once seen, no one could ever forget the walking carrot and Doctor Smith as a stick of celery!! Cancellation with no definite ending soon followed and a true iconic show was lost. Until…….

The Lost In Space movie followed many years later in 1998 with Matt Leblanc and William Hurt leading the Robinson family on a great journey of galactic discovery. However, with a confused and complicated plot, the critics weren’t pleased and neither were many die-hard series fans.

Twenty years on from the series got a reboot on Netflix. Featuring the Robinson family, all the key ingredients were there with Toby Stephens leading the Robinson brood into the vast unknown. Only this time there were good AND bad robots helping or threatening the Robinsons and a female Doctor Smith, (although as nefarious as ever). Like the original it ran over 3 seasons but managed to complete a full story arc. Season 3 (for this writer anyway), in particular, had some great, tense scenes as the killer robots arrived to wreak havoc on the human colony at Alpha Centauri.

Did you enjoy the original 60s series, the movie, or the Netflix series? Or are you after your next sci-fi fix? If you’re now looking for other shows like Lost In Space on Netflix, then we’ll check out what’s on offer. Let’s get started.

Another Life (2019, 2 Seasons)

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Following the arrival on Earth of a strange alien spaceship which then grows a crystal structure, scientists attempt to communicate with the structure. Realising the structure has communicated with a star, Pi Canis Majoris, a spaceship (Salvare) is dispatched to investigate possible the origin of the new arrival.

Set on the spaceship and back on Earth, the parallel story arcs interlink to slowly reveal more about the purpose of the visitors and what they have been seen on other worlds in the galaxy. 

The storyline on Earth involves scientists attempting to get a response from the newly arrived alien ship, discover its purpose and decide whether it’s a threat. 

The Salvare based story works around the crew and their relationships as they attempt to find out more about the strange visitor and others that have encountered it. Are the aliens friendly (what do you think?) is a central question for much of the series. The second season is much better than the first answering many questions posed in the first. A complete story trajectory, check this out if explorers encountering an alien race is for you.

Away (2020, 1 Season) 

Away charts the experiences of a multinational astronaut team training for and undertaking the first crewed mission to Mars. The story focuses on the relationships between the crew and them speaking with their loved ones back on earth. A new dynamic evolves once an unexpected stowaway is discovered. The impact of this extra crew member is profound and leads the team to consider all sorts of practical and moral dilemmas that arise as a result of the unwanted passenger. Throw in other unexpected obstacles on their journey and they certainly have their hands full. Will they all make it to Mars or must sacrifice be made?

Nightflyers (2018, 1 Season)

Based on George (Game of Thrones) RR Martin’s book the Nightflyers is an intriguing space horror show. Like Lost in Space but with the horror dial right up, this is one to watch from behind the couch.

The storyline sees an advanced ship (Nighflyer) carrying a scientific team travelling to make first contact with an alien race. Interpersonal relationships form a large early part of the story arc as the ship proceeds on its journey.  With unexpected and frightening events happening as the trip progresses, the crew begin to fall out and wonder about each other and their trustworthiness and reliability. It then slowly dawns on them that there is something else aboard the Nightflyer with them!

Star Trek (Multiple Different Franchises, Many Seasons)

Of course, if we are talking about sci-fi shows that originated in the 60s, we have to mention Star Trek. The original series was a groundbreaking show that changed the way we look at science fiction. Its popularity has spanned generations, and today it’s one of the most beloved television shows ever produced.

Original Star Trek (1966 – 1969) – the 1960s ground-breaking show that introduced Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr McCoy and others to a whole new universe. Going where no man (person in later shows) had gone before, the show ran for 3 seasons and entranced an entire generation. The original legend and a must-watch if you’re looking for shows like Lost In Space on Netflix.

The Next Generation (1987 – 1994) Running for a whopping 7 seasons and introducing Picard, Riker and Crusher, this series was immensely popular (and still is…indeed, The Picard series is running currently on Amazon Prime). Building on the original Star Trek universe and updating the traditional bad guys, the series is notable for introducing the cybernetic Borg race to the universe (spawning stories in all future ST incarnations). with some inspirational episodes and intriguing character studies of key crew members, Star Trek: The Next Generation has established itself firmly as one of the touchstones in the Star Trek family of shows.

Voyager (1995 – 2001). The USS Voyager is stranded in the ominous and unexplored Delta Quadrant (yes, home of the Borg). The crew has to navigate their way back to Federation space (the Alpha Quadrant) encountering various bad guys along the way. With innovative new alien races, a holographic doctor and some cracking double-episode stories (including the finale), the series is a plotted storyline with a definite ending. Do they find their way home?

Enterprise (2001 – 2005) A prequel to all other Star Trek series, this show covers the birth of the federation and human expansion into space. The series takes place in the year 2153 when Starfleet’s first contact with the Vulcans has been made. A new era of peace between the Federation and the Vulcans has been established. The United Federation of Planets is a leading world power in the Alpha Quadrant, with numerous colonies across many worlds. Needless to say, there are plenty of hazards out there and once the series got into gear, there were some very good episodes (especially end of season finales).

Deep Space 9 (1993 – 1999) Considered by some to be the show that bucked the Star Trek theme (and therefore unwelcome with some fans), this series was set on a space station (DS9). With Commander Sisko in charge and a nasty wormhole nearby offering all sorts of possibilities, the show really got into its stride after a few seasons. With iconic baddies the Jem Hadar invading the Alpha Quadrant with (as it turned out) their shape-shifting buddies, there were some great plots about the invading force (The Dominion). About command, friends, families and relationships, the inhabitants of DS9 bucked the trend but carved out their own piece of Star Trek cannon.

The Silent Sea (2021, 1 Season)

Another series from the currently hot Korean stable of top shows, the Silent Sea is an 8-Episode SciFi thriller. The storyline develops around a crisis on earth – in that slowly becoming arid and water a scarcer and more valuable commodity with rationing in place. In an attempt to defeat the situation, a crew is dispatched to the moon to retrieve potentially valuable research results and a very important sample. On arrival, they discover they don’t know anything like the whole story and as their position deteriorates rapidly they find they are fighting for their lives and potentially all those back on Earth.

With the uncertainty over which of the crew knows what and where loyalties lie, the motives of certain members become an increasing problem and the team’s backs are to the wall.  Are the research results a solution to Earth’s water problems? Or is something more sinister underway? Find out by checking out the Silent Sea on Netflix.

Lost In Space And Similar Series

The attraction of the human race pitted against the vast reaches of the galaxy (whether facing aliens or not) continues to be a hugely popular Sci-Fi movie and TV subject. All the shows here that are like Netflix’s Lost In Space, share similar characteristics. Pitting human spirit, adaptability and inventiveness against a new and unexplored expanse outside human experience, these shows draw you in. These are great ingredients for any SciFi show and Netflix has certainly risen to the challenge over past years. Let’s hope there are other, similar SciFi shows ahead.

If you’re a Sci-Fi fan then check out our movies like Interstellar blog post and remember, the Bob App helps you find other similar shows and movies like Lost In Space across other streaming networks in addition to Netflix.

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