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10 Romantic TV Shows For Those Feelgood Moments

Are, like us, you a sucker for a love story? If so then from Bridgerton to New Girl, here are ten romantic TV shows you probably shouldn’t miss! Which show appeals to you the most?

I guess you saw the word “romantic” in the title of this article and that’s why you’re here? So you’re probably a sucker for all things love and romance. The hugging, the cuddles, the kisses, the cute dinners, the romantic getaways, and the mushy conversations – you just love it all. And you can’t get enough of it. Is that you?

If that’s the case and you’re not watching or have watched these 10 best romantic TV shows, then you’re really missing out on a large dose of romantic action. It’s time to start watching these popular TV stories…or watch them again for a double dose of love.


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Ah well now, this was one of the hottest shows of 2020 and it wasn’t because of the rise in binge-watching TV during the pandemic. Bridgerton actually made history for Netflix with over 82 million viewers. Summarising the storyline, it’s, you know, the whole hot and cold relationship thing meets Pride & Prejudice. Suitably light and fluffy but engaging enough to leave you wanting more. Even though the main love focus is between Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, it’s the multitude of additional romantic plotlines which helps make the show a bodice-heaving success. Lady Whistledown would approve.

If you were hooked on Bridgerton, then you and 82 million others can’t be wrong, with this re-imagined Regency period drama. Light on historical accuracy but the period romance dial is turned fully up with Cupid firing more arrows than an archery competition.

New Girl

We’re sure you know the typical romance saga plotline – friend falls in love with friend. Then, friends don’t want to admit their love for each other. Cue the never-ending ‘will they, won’t they’ storyline.

That’s exactly what happens in New Girl but it is done extremely well. Which you would expect from a cast featuring Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Lamorne Morris, and Max Greenfield. After seven years of filming together, they have nailed the chemistry between friendships, romantic partnerships, and, of course, roommate situations. (Frankly, if they hadn’t after all that time, questions would be asked)

Be ready for heart-wrenching scenes, lovely moments and laughs – a lot of laughs – from this terrific show. A must watch for romantics who never quite take that final step!


Don’t let the name deceive you…this show is full of relationships realised and loves unrequited. Just friends? Maybe. 

This show will steal your heart within the first few episodes – if anything the relationship here is with the viewer and the show. There’s every chance you will become a superfan as you blast your way through all the seasons. Arguably the most successful TV show ever having aired for nearly 10 years with all the main cast members going on to become superstars. If you do go through all 236 episodes, it’s bound to put your own dating but it’s worth it because it’s just that good.

Normal People

Based on Sally Rooney’s best-selling novel, Normal People can be considered the exact opposite of “normal” people (the old switcheroo title thing there). This central couple really doesn’t fit the classic TV relationship mould meaning it doesn’t fall victim to some of the cliches that you may expect. We follow the lives of Marianne and Connell as they explore who they are when they are apart and who they are together.

You’ll witness them try to figure out their intense attraction to one another while being from completely different backgrounds. How does it work out? You’ll have to watch it to find out!

This Is Us

Although a different take on a romantic TV couple, this show explores romance in a truly raw way. The show follows one family that eventually becomes three.

You’ll see love and loss, intense drama and lighthearted conversations, and the unbreakable bond between family members. Although heart-wrenching at times, you’ll probably find yourself crying tears of happiness rather than sadness. Nevertheless have the tissues at hand.

Gossip Girl

One of the older shows on this list, Gossip Girl premiered over 12 years ago. Yet, it’s still one of the best romantic TV shows of all time.

Looking at life in New York, sex scandals, dating, forming friendships….breaking friendships and the difficulties of family all come to the fore in this fabulous TV show.

Whether you fall in love with Blair or Serena, Dan or Nate, you’ll almost certainly be rooting for one of them to come out on top.


There is a lot of talk about this unique and slightly unusual show. There is plenty to get you hooked. Whether you are on the edge of your seat because of the anxiety-ridden portrayal of their high school experience, or just can’t wait to see what happens between Jules and Rue, Euphoria is a show full of sexuality, struggles, friendship, and intense romance.

Sex and the City

Of course this one was going to be in here – did you ever doubt it? Although the show title suggests romance may not be a strong factor, the basis of this show is all about finding love and happiness.

Following four best friends in the show, you’ll see plenty of relationships form (and break up unfortunately as, sadly, many end). The budding and growing relations between the girls and their suitors tell us the stories about love and the failure of love. Another iconic TV show with a legion of adoring fans, if you haven’t seen an episode or two of this then you’re missing out (and you’ll want a pair of Louboutins). There are also two spinoff movies but it is the TV screenplay that takes the plaudits.

A Million Little Things

If you’re a sucker for watching shows that emulate real life, A Million Little Things is definitely for you.

You’ll follow a group of friends who try to find themselves after an extremely traumatic event. Some will lose themselves and some will lean harder into others.

The show hits on nothing less than intense romance, loving marriages, life’s deepest struggles such as suicide and divorce.

Love, Victor

A spinoff of Love, Simon, this show digs deep into what it’s like to struggle with sexual orientation during the crucial years of high school. As well as everything else young schoolies have to deal with during those years. It can be inspirational, thought-provoking and engaging. See what you think.

It’s Time to Watch These Romantic TV Shows

If you haven’t added these romantic TV shows to your list, it’s definitely time to add them. Binge them if wanted or take them in slow delicious bites but then it’s time to start crossing them off one by one!

We all have different tastes and romantic TV and Movies have a massive worldwide following. That said, finding shows of this type that you enjoy and working out where to see them can be a challenge. So, if you’re struggling to find what you want to watch then search using our app to see if it’s on there! Who said finding love had to be hard!

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