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10 Movies Like Bridesmaids



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I couldn’t be happier to be writing about “movies like Bridesmaids”, in fact, I feel like this could be my specialist subject on Mastermind. Films that make you roar with laughter are a gift to this world which we all deserve. Because we care about you, you can click through on all the movies listed here to see where you can watch them. You can indulge in some good old laughter therapy. Just a little something from us to you.

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Still from the film funny people. Relating to the article 10 movies like Bridesmaids

Described as a psychological comedy-drama, this film feels like it has a little more weight than some of Apatow’s others. It investigates the mental load of George Simmons, a comic disillusioned with fame and depressed about his failing health. Adam Sandler gives one of the performances that remind you he is more than just a one-note comedy actor, as he returns to his roots of stand-up in the LA comedy club scene, makes a new friendship with a young comic and tracks down “the one that got away”. You get the sense that there’s more than a little autobiography here from all involved. Watch out for Lesley Mann trying to do an impression of Eric Bana’s accent, it is honestly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.
Director: Judd Apatow

SPY (2015)

Poster for the movie Spy. Relating to the article 10 movies like Bridesmaids

If you’re not familiar with the name Paul Feig yet, you will be by the end of this article. He is a one-man fun factory, responsible for directing not only Bridesmaids but this gem of a Bond spoof too. One of my comedy heroes Melissa McCarthy stars as unlikely secret agent Susan Cooper, who gets roped into saving the day and her smug yet handsome boss Bradley Fine. No one does that combo better than Jude Law and he’s pitch-perfect here. Suffice to say, Susan discovers a lot about herself on a journey through the criminal underworld and gives us many reasons to LOL along the way.
Director: Paul Feig

THE HEAT (2013)

Picture depicting the movie The Heat. Relating to the article 10 movies like Bridesmaids

Yep, Feig again. Can this man do no wrong? He has a pretty good head start here with stars Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock who are a pair of mismatched cops on the trail of a drug lord. The classic odd couple pairing is played for all the best laughs here, as the two women prove they are both equally brilliant at their jobs, despite being opposites in every way. Of course, they hit some roadblocks as they bicker and find their feet working together but the result is comedy gold and two women you’ll be cheering for long after the credits roll. (By the way I also write about The Heat here)
Director: Paul Feig


Scene from the movie Bachelorette. Relating to the article 10 movies like Bridesmaids

Written and directed by Lesley Headland, (based on a play she wrote) this film took me by surprise  – it is packaged as just another chick flick with a cute lineup of ladies enjoying a night out to celebrate one of them getting married. But it becomes a much more interesting story of female friendship, with edgier characters than I’d seen in a long time. The women fall out, take a lot of drugs and spend one crazy night running around New York City as they prepare for their friend to get married. An excellent cast of Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Rebel Wilson and Lesley Caplan bring this story to life. James Marsden provides excellent eye candy. Interesting fact, Leslye Headland is one of the creators of the huge acclaimed time loop Netflix series Russian doll.
Director: Lesleye Headland


Scene from the film Bad Neighbours. Relating to the article 10 movies like Bridesmaids

A couple run into some issues when a fraternity moves in next door to their picture-perfect family home. Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan star as Mac and Kelly – who desperately want to still be cool, even when they have a baby strapped to their chests – no easy feat, believe me, I’ve tried. Zac Efron and Dave Franco are the impossibly good looking frat leaders who initially welcome the efforts at friendship, but peace does not last long in their neighbourhood. Mac and Kelly make their irritation clear and the frat fight back. Hilarity aplenty ensues!
Director: Nicholas Stoller


Still from the film Old School. Relating to the article 10 movies like Bridesmaids

In some ways, Bad Neighbours would not exist without this frat comedy. Yes, so it is a bit of a glorification of the man-baby trope, but it’s Will Ferrell, who always makes us root for his characters. He plays Frank, (AKA Frank the Tank) a newly married man who isn’t quite ready for the type of life his wife longs for. When his friends Mitch and Bernard accidentally start a fraternity, he gets dragged along. It’s Mitch who is the main character here, but Frank really does steal the limelight. The female characters aren’t as well-drawn as I’d like, but the gags really are very darned funny!
Director: Todd Phillips


Scene from the film Life OF The Party. Relating to the article 10 movies like Bridesmaids

Melissa McCarthy stars as a heartbroken middle-aged mother, Deanna, whose daughter has left for college, and whose husband has left her for another woman. In different hands this could be a tragedy, but McCarthy sprinkles her usual magic and it is funny, touching and uplifting all at once. Deanna decides to go to the same University as her daughter, which at first seems like it could be a disaster but the story unfolds in a much more interesting and hilarious way. McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone directs here – what a team they make!
Director: Ben Falcone


Promotional shot for the movie Thunder Force. Relating to the article 10 movies like Bridesmaids

Have you started to figure out how much I love Melissa McCarthy yet? Yep, here she is again as Lydia. This time paired with Octavia Spencer as Emily – they are a pair of old school buddies reunited, who accidentally fall into the roles of superheroes. Just getting to see middle-aged women be a mixture of funny and powerful is so refreshing – why don’t we see it more often, please??? The pair fight crime, mess up a lot and find their way back to a long lost friendship. Jason Bateman is very funny as a crab-clawed baddie, I defy you not to laugh when he goes on a dinner date with Lydia. All I will say is: 80s power ballad heaven!
Director: Ben Falcone


Still from the movie Welcome To Me. Relating to the article 10 movies like Bridesmaids

This one is a little left-field, as is the humour, but we think you’ll like it! It stars Kristen Wiig as Alice Klieg. an isolated dreamer who wins $86 million dollars in the lottery. The ways she goes on to spend her money are increasingly bizarre, leaving everyone around her scratching their heads in disbelief. And yet, they aid her in her quest for Oprah-like status…because nothing speaks as loudly as dollars! Does she ultimately learn anything froths journey? I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that Wiig is downright hilarious and heartbreaking as Alice. Rumour has it that director Shira Piven has got a new project in the works, with some British talent at the core… watch this space!
Director: Shira Piven


Poster of the movie Rough Night. Relating to the article 10 movies like Bridesmaids

Scarlett Johansson stars as the bride to be here, with the excellent comedic support of Ilana Glazer, KateMcKinnon, Gillian Bell & Zoë Kravitz. The night in question goes horribly wring after an accident involving a stripper. Dealing with a corpse whilst high on drugs, and realising they have inadvertently incurred the wrath of some local criminals…well it leads to many laughs for the audience, if not for them. Aniello confidently helms this movie, (her feature debut). I strongly suggest you check out her work on Broad City, Nora from Queens and soon-to-be-released Hacks which is set to be an instant classic.
Director: Lucia Aniello



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