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About Us



We feel there is something missing about the modern-day TV experience. Since most of us are able to remember Bruce Willis with hair, we kind of miss a time when TV was more communal and well, simpler. So, we thought, "we’ve been in the industry, we know what we are doing! Let’s do something about it!" before promptly writing a load of features that were received about as well as Will Smith at Chris Rock’s next dinner party.


This started with us building a recommendation engine across all platforms, which seemed OK until we found out recommending for multiple people is like trying to punch a shadow (btw this is why we don’t ‘recommend’ as such, we tend to follow the big premieres and returning seasons; we try and keep it objective like that).


Then there was allowing people to send recommendations to their friend’s (except people had Whatsapp to do that, duh’). Anyway, we arrived here and we are delighted we can serve our members to give them something a bit different and most importantly, good value. We want our users to always know they are going to get a window to see the best shows, without having to think, or pay too much. This shall remain our mission in the months and years ahead. Thanks a lot for stopping by and checking us out.
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